IM Land

IM Land is one of the UK’s leading land promoters, working across a range of sectors and rooted in the Midlands. IM Land are a team of experienced professionals specialising in the promotion of sites to obtain planning permission. As part of the IM Group, IM Land currently have secured land for approximately 20,000 units, much of which is currently in the planning system (please see the ‘what we do’ page for more information).

The team has a wide range of experience including work for major PLC housebuilders, financial and professional services and local government. IM Land is unique in that its financial decisions are not bound by a complex shareholder structure, which enables the decision making process to be quick and uncomplicated.

IM Land are committed to securing high quality, long-term developments through a fair approach to business and the community.By bringing together authorities, housebuilders, occupiers and development partners we facilitate growth and unlock investment opportunities which have the edge over single-promoter schemes.