Lands Improvement

Lands Improvement is a strategic land development company operating throughout the UK.

The company acquires greenfield and brownfield land, priming the land for residential-led development by obtaining outline planning and delivering strategic infrastructure.

The portfolio of landholdings consist of c.2,500 acres of land across the UK – a total of 26 assets at stages from planning promotion to land sales.

The history of Lands Improvement can be traced back to 1853; the company being founded to provide capital assistance to farmers. Today, Lands Improvement continues to work with farmers and a wide range of landowners to assess development potential of sites and add value through planning and infrastructure delivery.

Our approach to planning is to work with and understand central and local government, local committees and all stakeholder issues and objectives to endeavour to bring forward schemes which can navigate the planning system and deliver local infrastructure improvements. This provides “ready to build” land parcels for housebuilders and developers.

With the advent of the changing dynamics of the UK planning system, central government influence over housing, the supply/demand imbalance of housing in the UK and local authority/community-specific issues, this requires a “bespoke” approach to each potential development.

In order to adapt to changing conditions, and to remain flexible in our approach to challenges, we have a team of 17 based in Victoria including experienced managers with planning, engineering, development and financial knowledge. The team performance is clearly demonstrated through its exceptional track record over many years.

Looking forward, the company continues to acquire land as the business generates capital through sales with a business model which has delivered consistently high returns across a portfolio of landholdings.